The easiest and fun way to explore Ölüdeniz, the most important place of Fethiye, is to participate in Ölüdeniz boat tour programs. You can see the best of Oludeniz with these tours which are organized daily.

Enjoyable moments What do you study?

With the waters of Masmavi you can see Ölüdeniz boat which you have never seen in Oludeniz, which is one of the most popular holiday resorts. Oludeniz boat trips, which are the ideal choices for those who want to discover new places and routes, will be more fun for your holiday.

Holiday Experience in the midst of Unique Beauty

Tümen Hotel has thought of everything for you, your precious guests, to have a pleasant holiday experience. By participating in Ölüdeniz boat tours arranged in this context, you will be able to admire the beauty of Ölüdeniz and you can add a moment that you will not forget your vacation.

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